Elizabeth's Curriculum Vitæ  in PDF.


published work

revise & resubmit

  • "Understanding the Decline in Liberal Self-Identification in America." K. Elizabeth Coggins and James A. Stimson. Invited to revise and resubmit.

Other publications

manuscripts under review

  • "On the Centrality of Ideological Identities." K. Elizabeth Coggins and Brice D. L. Acree. Under review.
  • "Beyond the Thermostat: A Theory of Opinion Change." K. Elizabeth Coggins, James A. Stimson, Mary Layton Atkinson, and Frank R. Baumgartner. Under review.
  • "Negative Advertising, External Political Efficacy, and Vote Choice in U.S. Senate Elections." Under review.

current research

  • The Liberal Paradox. Completed dissertation research, under revision and expansion as a book manuscript.
  • "Issue Evolution Revisited: Examining Liberal-Conservative Self-Identification and Policy-Specific Mood." With James A. Stimson 
  • "They Can't Be Trusted: How Liberals & Conservatives See Each Other." With Pamela J. Conover.
  • "How Americans Sort Groups Ideologically."